Saturday, January 10, 2009

Neutralizing Method (Empty Hand)

In neutralizing I include the wrist, elbow, shoulder, head, finger, ankle and knee locks to isolate the subject's center of gravity. The attacker cannot push, pull, punch, or over-power you if he doesn't have a firm support of his center of gravity. You must continually disrupt his balance by manipulating his position or support (remember, he only has two legs). An orchestrated movement of your body must be maneuvered in position at all times while you constantly attack one of his center of gravity's supports (legs). If you can cradle his center of gravity for just a split second, you can practically spin him like a propeller.

Observe your opponents movements, he will make certain steps, jumps and skips. This is the process of trying to support his center of gravity with his two legs. While he's momentarily airborne, you can spin him like a propeller right on his axis (hara).... under construction, see next page
NUN-CHAKU techniques
I learned from Tadashi Yamashita
Tadashi Yamashita also taught Bruce Lee the Nun-chaku techniques